About Jack Nagel, Decron Properties

In 1947, Jack Nagel emigrated from Poland to New York City, where he attended classes at New York University while working in an import-export business. After several years, Jack Nagel met his wife, and they moved to Los Angeles, where he founded the Nagel Construction Company (NCC). Specializing in the development of single-family homes in the San Fernando Valley, NCC built more than 2,000 residences within a 25-year period and marketed under the Empress Homes label.

In the mid-1970s, NCC expanded its real estate development efforts to encompass multifamily housing, including apartments. Jack Nagel led his firm to build units in Los Angeles and West Hollywood and sold some of the complexes to property managers. He decided to retain many of the properties and lease them out through his company, which signaled an entrance into property management for NCC.

The following decade, Nagel added another endeavor to his business: commercial real estate development. He oversaw the construction and leasing of a variety of office and retail properties. NCC and its sister company, Decron Properties Corp., continue to manage and maintain many of these units in California and other states. Decron operates under the guidance of David Nagel, Jack’s son, and its team oversees nearly 55 holdings totaling more than 6 million square feet. The NCC team built more than half of these properties, and the company currently employs a staff of 170.

Outside of work, Nagel enjoys spending time with his wife and their four children, 15 grandchildren, and great-grandchild. He resides in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park neighborhood.


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